Sacha Vanhecke is a 29 years old software engineer/photographer from Oostende, Belgium. After finishing a Master in Computer Science at Ghent University in 2013, he moved to Quebec, Canada, working as a Developer/Project Manager for the past years. As of summer 2018, a new opportunity brought him to Vancouver, where he obtained his permanent residency.

Buying his first DSLR camera in 2009, his love for music initially led him to do a lot of concert photography, accessing several big music festivals such as the Student Kick-Off in Ghent and Ultra Music Festival Europe.
Over the years, he has worked closely with student organizations, such as VTK (Vlaams Technische Kring) in Ghent and Globe FSA at Laval University in Quebec, documenting their numerous events, eventually being offered the opportunity to spend 7 weeks in Croatia working as an event photographer for The Yacht Week.

Currently, Sacha is expanding his experience and increasingly producing video, ranging from his personal travel videos to event and corporate videos.